• CieloEste CieloEste

    manufacture single phase and three phase UPS from 1000 VA to 4.5 MVA, Switch Mode Rectifiers, Chargers,on-grid and off-grid Solar Inverters.

  • CieloSol CieloSol

    design and produce PCMs that melt and solidify at the particular temperature desired for your application, enabling for gaining.

  • CieloElectric CieloElectric

    develop and manufacture a large selection of circuit protection devices, circuit breakers and contactors to suit many different applications.

    Some Products

  • Ul2-10000 UL2 and UL3 Series

    Ultra high efficiency resulting in minimum energy

    Compliance with the global standard IEC62040‐3

  • CDT31-N Series UPS CDT31-N Series UPS

    6, 10, 15 and 20 kVA UPS capacity

    3-Phase input, 1-Phase output

  • CDH33-N Serise UPS CDH33-N Serise UPS

    40kVA UPS Module

    Hot plug/Hot swappable modular UPS

    3-Phase input, 3-Phase output

Cielo Este was established in early 2011 in Andalusia Technology Park to concentrate and reorganize experiences and activities in four areas of Electrical, Power Electronics, Phase Change Materials and Solar Power products and solutions.

  • Some Cielo UPS Products
    • About us

      A comprehensive range of power solutions to ensure optimum UPS operationCielo Este is a leading technology and product provider in power electronics industry. We manufacture single phase and three phase UPS from 1000 VA to 4.5 MVA, Switch Mode Rectifiers, Chargers, on-grid and off-grid Solar Inverters etc. Our wide range of products cover from small home devices to power supply solutions for offices, labs, medical centers, data centers, industries etc. ...More

    • Products

    • Data Center UPS Series

      Data Center UPS Series



      This series provide outstanding operating efficiency of 96 percent with the most compact footprint in the world today. Accommodating the 40KVA modules in only 3U height, it guaranties the most efficient space utilization in the priceless data center settings. Hot pluggable and fully modular configuration supports the modern data center concepts such as scalability, flexibility and Service Oriented Architecture.

    • Ultra Robust, Heavy Duty UPS Series

      Heavy Duty UPS Series



      This is an advanced, innovative range of single phase, highly reliable Line Interactive UPS systems, providing a clean, conditioned true sine wave output to critical loads with uninterrupted transfer to battery mode in the event of a utility supply failure. Available in output power capacities from 2 to 10kVA with outstanding starting current of up to 300 percent, these products could be the ideal solution for unstable and harsh situations in both load and input sides.

    • Compact, Reliable UPS Series

      Reliable UPS Series



      Cielo Este offers a comprehensive range of compact and reliable, products providing a clean, conditioned true sine wave output to critical loads.

      Available with single or three phase inputs with power capacities from 1KVA to 40kVA in tower and rackmount configurations at 0.8 - 0.9 power factor, products of above 3kVA may be connected in parallel to provide additional capacity or N+X parallel redundancy for total reliability.

    • Economy UPS Series

      Economy UPS Series



      Affordable Uninterruptible power supplies up to 1200VA to protect small applications requiring a ‘fit and forget’ UPS system with a small battery backup and protection from mains borne spikes, electrical noise, sags and surges.

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