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1. Providing heating and ventilation comfort in buildings


Usually ventilation systems are used to provide heating and ventilation comfort inside of buildings.

However, these systems tend to have a high consumption rate. A way to change this by usuing PCMs, with temperature ranges going from 20 to 28 Celsius degrees, and placing them into the wall's stracture. By peak shaving, building's temperatures will stay constant at the Phase Change Temperature, thus leading to lower energy consumptions.

In the warm months of the year, when temperatures rise above the Phase Change Temperature (for example 24 Celsius degrees) these materials start absorbing energy (heat) and by doing so they don't let temperatures rise. Then, the absorbed energy will evacuate on its own at midnight.

During cold months, right when temperatures try to go under the Phase Change Temperature (24 Celsius degrees) the previously absorbed energy will be released to the environment to prevent such temperatures from going down.

These new materials get charged with the sunshine and environment’s warming. PCMs with a melting point of 15 Celsius degrees are used in air conditioning systems like coolers, fan coils...

This scheme will lead to peak shaving in the energy consumption derived from air conditioning and ventilation systems. They will finally lead to lower energy consumptions.









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