Last Products

  • SPD CSA40-17510C010

    1-Pole surge arrester.


    For 120V and 230V AC network with high voltage fluctuations.

  • MCB CM21 Series DC

    1 and 2-Pole miniature circuit breaker.


    Wide current range: 6 to 63A.

  • SPD CSA40-27540C310

    4-Pole surge arrester for 5-Conductor systems.


    For 230/400V AC network with high voltage fluctuations.

    Some PCM Products

  • CieloSOL PCM21/300 CieloSOL PCM21/300

    PCMs are materials based on latent heat (melting or freezing) which store the excess of energy around them and in time of need.

  • CieloSOL PCM24/310 CieloSOL PCM24/310

    In doing so, they quite sharply force the environment to be at a certain temperature called “Phase Change temperature”.

  • CieloSOL PCM58/421 CieloSOL PCM58/421

    The materials will resist the deviation of the temperature.The Phase Change temperature of CieloSol PCM28/315 is of 28 Celsius degrees.

Cielo Este was established in early 2011 in Andalusia Technology Park to concentrate and reorganize experiences and activities in four areas of Electrical, Power Electronics, Phase Change Materials and Solar Power products and solutions.

  • About US

    Creating the intelligent ways for more efficient and responsible use of energy, we want to play our part in making the world a better place to live. We move forward at Cielo Este to meet the needs of our customer, the challenges of our industry and the issues confronting our world. Cielo Este shows its commitment to innovation throughout its diverse product lineup – in outstanding energy efficiency, advanced product functionality and customer-focused technology. Founders of Cielo Este have reshaped over 32 years of their experience in design...More

  • Cielo Sol

    We at Cielo Este strive for further development and assimilation of advanced technologies for more intelligent and sustainable energy consumption practices. Under the brand Cielo Sole we would design and produce PCMs that melt and solidify at the particular temperature desired for your application, enabling for gaining, storing and releasing energy in the thermo-physical process. A Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance with a high heat of fusionwhich, melting and solidifying at a certain temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy... More

  • Cielo Electric

    We produce a diverse portfolio of electrical control, protection and distribution devices under Cielo Electric brand. We develop and manufacture a large selection of circuit protection devices, circuit breakers and contactors to suit many different applications. These are characterized by very high levels of performance with limited overall dimensions, installation simplicity and an increasingly greater guarantee of safety.Our MCB (Miniature Circuit Breakers), MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breakers), SPD (Surge Protection Devices) etc. comply ...More

  • Cielo UPS

    A comprehensive range of power solutions to ensure optimum UPS operationCielo Este is a leading technology and product provider in power electronics industry. We manufacture single phase and three phase UPS from 1000 VA to 4.5 MVA, Switch Mode Rectifiers, Chargers, on-grid and off-grid Solar Inverters etc. Our wide range of products cover from small home devices to power supply solutions for offices, labs, medical centers, data centers, industries etc.Being at the forefront of research and innovation in the field, Cielo Este provides custom designed ... More

News & Topics

  • Cielo Este Company keeps pace with world industry leaders at Hannover Messe 2016

    Cielo Este's approach in the exhibition was to provide abilities in fields such as technical knowledge, professional development and design today's technologies to empower companies which are looking to create or develop in the fields of Power Electronics and Phase Change Materials (PCM).

  • Cielo Este will be present at Hannover Messe 2016

    Cielo Este invites you to Hannover, Germany on April 25 – 29, where it will be showcasing its comprehensive range of experiences and activities in providing products and solutions in two focus areas of Power Electronics and Phase Change Materials.

  • Storing collected energy by solar panels in buildings

    One of the applications of Phase Change Materials is collecting solar energy from buildings with the ability to store such energy through solar collectors. By using Phase Change Materials in these systems, a high volume of solar energy can be stored during daytime and used for heating and as warm water supply at night. Phase Change Material in such systems are normally positioned layer by layer or spherically in thin chambers and then the heat transfer fluid is passed on without contact through chambers with the material.

  • For Phase Change Materials, A New Use in Digital Displays

    By simultaneously exploiting a material’s electronic, optical, and structural properties, researchers in the U.K. have taken a first step toward developing a new type of electronic display technology.

  • Scientists Report Smallest Phase Change Material to Date

    To build fast smart phones and tablets that can store troves of data, some engineers have tinkered with memory devices that rely on Phase Changing Materials.

  • Study of Phase Change Materials could lead to better computer memory

    Memory devices for computers require a large collection of components that can switch between two states, which represent the ones and zeros of binary language.

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